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Ruth’s Diners Mile High Biscuits

By March 1, 2012No Comments

I have been so excited to share this recipe with you ever since my sister made these mouth watering biscuits a few weeks ago. She made three cookie sheets full and within the course of a meal our family (extended family) ate every last one.

My parents went on a trip to South Carolina and enjoyed some of the best southern BBQ they had ever had. They even were able to visit Paula Deen’s restaurant and home town (how fun!). We celebrated them coming home with a full blown southern BBQ style dinner. We had a lot of fun, and the food was amazing!! I am excited to share some of our favorite recipes from this night with you throughout the week.

Tradition idea…any time anyone in our family comes home from a vacation of some kind we always welcome them home to a meal from the place they were visiting….ex: a Hawaii reunion would warrant Hawaiian Haystacks, a trip home from Disneyland wouldn’t be the same without Monte Cristo’s, a return trip from Boston would need Lobster Rolls, etc. This is just a fun way to get together with family and bring a piece of the vacation fun home to the family who didn’t get to go. Kind of silly, but we sure love it!

Now..back to the biscuits. I am generally not a huge fan of biscuits, I would usually prefer a homemade roll over a biscuit any day. I think this is usually because biscuits tend to be flavorless and too dry. These biscuits are the complete opposite. They are filled with buttery flavor and have an incredibly chewy texture. I could eat one of these for breakfast, lunch & dinner and never get sick of them. Smother a biscuit with gravy, or a spoonfull of jam and this is better than any sweet treat any day of the week! You won’t know how amazing they are until you make them. Serve these biscuits with some BBQ pork and you have a meal made in heaven! Tomorrow I will post my favorite recipe for coleslaw and later in the week, homemade cheesy grits. Enjoy ya’ all!

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