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Yesterday I posted about the blackened fish & tartar sauce that my family loves so much.  Today I wanted to share a quick leftover meal that is just as delicious.  When I grill the fish I always put out 2 fish fillets for each person in my family.  I then grill them all and save half of the fish for the next day’s dinner (or a couple days later).  I use the second batch of fish for these Seafood Po Boy’s.  They are saucy, full of flavor and great for a hot summer night.  I am a fan of sandwiches for dinner, and these help switch up the mundane and add a lot of pizazz to our meal planner.  Hope you enjoy!

 Seafood Po Boy’s
1 fish fillet per person, blackened & grilled
2 tomatoes, sliced
6 large pieces romaine lettuce
Homemade tartar sauce
Pickles, sliced
Hoagie or ciabatta buns
Blacken fish on the grill on in the broiler, and set aside.  Slice the tomatoes, pickles & lettuce.  Prepare the tartar sauce.  Slice the hoagie buns or ciabatta bread in half.  Spread a generous amount of the tartar sauce on to one of the pieces of bread.  Place a piece of the fish fillet on to the bread.  Add the sliced tomatoes and lettuce on top of the fish.  Serve the sandwich with the warm fish.

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