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 Do you ever have leftover meat from a previous meal and you’re unsure what to do with it next? The other day we had tons of smoked, pulled pork that my neighbor gave to us that we had already eaten for dinner the nights before. It was amazing on a sandwich with barbecue sauce, but last night I wanted to try a little something different. We’re trying to eat a few less carbs, so I decided to come up with a stuffed bell pepper recipe that was healthy, easy and something my family would eat. These bell peppers were stuffed with a cheesy, southwestern combination of fabulous flavors that went so perfectly with the sweet pepper flavor. I drizzled these peppers with a creamy cilantro dressing that made the whole thing a perfect 10 in my book! If you are looking for a new, and flavorful way to use up your leftover pork or chicken, this recipe is a keeper 😉 Hope you love!

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