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Spiced Pumpkin Steamer

By October 12, 2011No Comments

A friend of mine mentioned that she loved the Caramel Steamers from a local favorite bakery of ours. With the colder weather lately I thought this would be something fun to try and re-create. I am new to steamers, but I have been a long time fan of hot chocolate. I decided to play around with our homemade hot chocolate recipe and switch it up a little to make these Spiced Pumpkin Steamers. They were the perfect solution on a cold day. The kids LOVED these steamers (that sounds too about warmed milk 😉 as their after school treat and thought the pumpkin spiced marshmallows (Kraft makes them..they are adorable!) were the perfect touch. Funny enough, when the mixture cooled down, I even loved this drink cold. I could totally have this in my fridge year round and drink it when I need a little pick me up 😉

(The other great benefit is I have heard the Starbucks Steamers are jam-packed with fat and calories. Because this drink is made with powdered milk you have all of the nutrients of milk but very little fat. The canned pumpkin also adds beta carotene, potassium, zinc and fiber. Bonus!!)

[buymeapie-recipe id=’668′]Spiced Pumpkin Steamer

Four thumbs up from four of my favorite four year olds!

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