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Sweet Breakfast Polenta

By January 19, 2011No Comments

A few weekends ago my husband made breakfast for my kids. My children have a love for “Hot Cereal” as they call it. We recently used our last of Cream of Wheat and Germade so my husband decided to pull out a recipe from his childhood. Let’s just say I didn’t even dare try it…corn meal for breakfast? No thank you! But my kids have fallen in love with it. Day after day for about a week my daughter has asked me to get the recipe from my husband. I intentionally forgot to ask, I did what ever I could to entice her to want a different breakfast meal from pancakes, to eggs, to cereal, anything I thought would be better than actually making this recipe. To my surprise early this morning my daughter took the initiative to ask her daddy herself for the recipe. He wrote it down before he left for work. My kids had won. I had no more excuses. I had to make it. But let me tell you, I don’t know if I was extra hungry this morning or simply a new flavor…but I found myself REALLY enjoying this new breakfast item. Or maybe it was the fact that I used items in my food storage. Which honestly just brings a gigantic smile to me! So without any further introductions, here is a new family breakfast recipe…

[buymeapie-recipe id=’794′] 

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