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Teriyaki Chicken with Mango & Pineapple Salsa

By June 14, 2011No Comments

Some of my favorite dishes in the summer are either salads or something grilled on the barbecue. Hot and heavy meals like mashed potatoes or baked casseroles don’t sound as good when it is becoming warm and humid outside. This grilled chicken recipe with a fresh salsa is the perfect solution to a hot summer night’s menu–no turning on the oven, no mess & no fuss. Although there are three parts to this recipe (the chicken, the salsa & the sauce) it comes together very quickly. I didn’t have a fresh pineapple on hand so I just used canned pineapple and it was actually very good. With the fresh lime juice and the other fresh ingredients I didn’t miss the fresh pineapple taste like I thought I would. My husband is not one that loves hot fruit, or really fruit as any part of his main dish, but because this dish has a spicy kick to it, he actually really liked it. You can make your salsa and chicken as spicy as your family likes. We like a lot of spice so I added jalapeno peppers to the salsa and lots of cayenne and chili powder on my chicken. Adjust this recipe to your family’s likes and it will soon be a family favorite!!

Happy grilling & have a wonderful upcoming summer 🙂 Bookmark this recipe when you have red peppers, onions and cilantro growing in your garden…only a few more months! Remember to enter our gardening giveaway for this month!

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