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Tomato Confetti Fritters

By December 31, 2012No Comments

Okay, I know this is totally last minute, but if you have these ingredients on hand and are still searching for the PERFECT appetizer for your parties this week, this is the one for you!! My Mom has mastered these fritters and we all crave them and can’t get enough. These fritters have such fun flavor! They are filled with yummy vegetables and filled with a soft, flavorful batter. Deep fat fry them and dip them in this creamy, savory sauce and hold me back!! I could eat an entire batch of these all by myself (diets start in a couple days, right?!?) The only items you might need that you don’t have on hand would be mint leaves and Old Bay Seasoning. If you have never cooked with this, it is a salty, creole-ish type of flavoring. It makes this dish, so you might need to run to the store and grab that before you begin. It will be well worth your time, I promise.

Have a great time tonight and Happy New Year one and all!! Thanks for following our blog, being my friend, being so supportive and making Deals to Meals what it has become. We are excited for a new and fun year with lots of changes, upgrades and ways to make your lives easier 🙂



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Here’s another one of our favorite tomato appetizers. Try these Caramelized Tomato Baguettes for another easy and delicious appetizer!

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