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One of my favorite parts about Christmas vacation is my sister Krista & her family come in from out of town and stay with us for an entire week. Call me strange, but I LOVE chaos when it comes to family. People think I am crazy, but the more cousins, the more food, the more family, the more fun for me! We have had a circus of cousins and parties all week with my sister and her family here. There is nothing better to me than having time to visit, relax, eat delicious food and spend time together. I’m not ready for ‘regular life’ to start, waking up early, homework, etc. While we all have a few more days of Christmas vacation, I have the perfect weekend recipe for you! My Mom came up with this adaptation to her traditional buttermilk waffles and we all really loved them! The egg nog in the batter made these waffles so incredibly fluffy, light and a little extra sweet. You even get a hint of nutmeg flavor as you continue eating these spongy squares of deliciousness. The great part about these waffles is you can stock up on eggnog while it’s on sale this week, keep some in your freezer, and bring back the flavors of Christmas all throughout the year 🙂

Serve these waffles with our Butter Syrup, fresh berries, bananas, or whatever you have on hand. They were even great with good ol’ maple syrup! Enjoy 😉

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 We added to our side bar a button about a Frugality Bootcamp in January that is going to be SO great!! Jordan, at Fun, Cheap or Free is hosting her annual Frugality Bootcamp and ALL of you are invited. Last year we had a fabulous time together as women, learning about ways to save money, how to better budget your money, decorating tips, grocery saving tips, etc. I am excited to be presenting again this year and hope as many of you can come as possible! It will be held on January 19th, so visit Jordan’s blog for more information 😉 Happy New Year!

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