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My brother and sister in law come in to town every couple months and have got me hooked on a new sandwich from our favorite sandwich shop (Village Baker). There is only one near my home and it takes over 30 minutes to get there, so we don’t get there too often. I always get their amazing Turkey Provolone, but decided to try their Chicken Salad. I was pleasantly surprised!! I make homemade chicken salad all the time, but their recipe had so much flavor, herbs and the BEST texture I have ever had in a chicken sandwich. He begged me to recreate their recipe, and I think we are pretty close. There are a few spices and ingredients, but don’t be scared. The combination of flavors is totally worth the extra effort of adding a few extra spices. The other part of this recipe I love is the chicken texture. I always cubed my chicken in my chicken salad but the pieces of chicken tended to be too large and not enough sauce per chicken ratio. Putting the chicken into the food processor for a few turns made this salad a fabulous texture!

Chicken salad sandwiches are perfect for a quick weeknight dinner, or for a picnic in the mountains. No matter when you serve these sandwiches they are sure to be a hit!

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