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Along with the Cochinita Pibil in Mexico, they always served black beans that had so much flavor and were so much better than any you can get in a can here at home. I realized I was making a mistake when I make beans at home, that I serve them too dry and draining the bean juices looses a lot of the flavor. It makes sense that this sauce is what gives the beans so much flavor. I decided I much prefer the soft, moist beans in Mexico than the dry, pasty ones here at home. After a week in Mexico the black beans ended up being some of my favorite dishes. Fresh cooked black beans in a homemade tortilla was a highlight of our trip to Cancun! I can’t stop dreaming about their was SO good! It works out that we came back to Cinco de Mayo week. I think we have had Mexican nearly all week. That’s a good week!!

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