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There is a recipe that I make once a year, every year of my adult life. I have been making this Homemade Chili recipe for over 10 years now and have never been good about keeping track of how and what I add to this recipe. A friend of mine wanted me to get the specifics on this HUGE batch of chili that I make and so I am excited to share this recipe with you. I only make chili once a year, once my garden tomatoes are ripe and ready to be used. I then make up this monster batch of chili, we eat a lot of it at our annual Halloween party and then I freeze several gallon size bags of this chili for later. We love this chili plain, it’s delicious on Cornbread Waffles, and fabulous on Fried Dough. No matter how you serve this chili, it really couldn’t be better. The combination of spices are perfect, the kick from the chipotle peppers and the red peppers goes nicely with the undertone of brown sugar and top it all off with some sour cream and cheese and that’s what fall is all about 😉

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*If you have a large roaster oven, this recipe will fill it to the top and works great. If you only have a crock pot, just half this recipe and you will be fine. If you have a smaller family and don’t want to freeze this recipe for later, just fourth the recipe and that will be the perfect amount for one dinner for 5-6 people. I promise though, you will want lots to freeze for later, so make lots 😉 Enjoy!

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