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Baked Crispy Ranch Potato Fries

By October 22, 2015No Comments

There are some great deals this week! One of those being on potatoes and yams. I love sweet potatoes and I am so glad they are starting to be on sale again (gotta love Thanksgiving deals). I am always in need of a quick side dish recipe that I can throw together and add to any meal. This week I had potatoes on hand and wanted to come up with the perfect baked potato fry. I love homemade french fries and love the fact they are baked and not fried. With these fries I decided to add a little ranch twist. We pretty much love ranch here at our house so we decided to bake the fries in a ranch seasoning mix and then dip the crispy potatoes in ranch as well. Double the ranch, double the love! These were super easy to make and were a hit for the whole family!

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