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So, previously to me getting burned I don’t remember ever having a rotisserie chicken before. Crazy, I know! Now that I am trying a little harder to spend less time in the kitchen, not for fear of getting burned again, but just to try and ‘slow down‘ my life a little, I am in love with these!! I am sad I didn’t buy one sooner.  I was at Sam’s Club and decided to pick up a $4.99 chicken and I loved how easily dinner came together with this cooked chicken. I really was surprised at how much chicken I was able to get off that little, boney bird body and was excited when it was just enough for a delicious enchilada. I was surprised I had not blogged about these Pineapple Enchilada’s before, so I am glad to get this recipe on my blog so I don’t have to search my recipe files each time I want to make it. I love the slight sweetness from the pineapple and the super cheesy filling. Not to mention I love any meal I can throw a couple cans of black beans in for added protein and to help ‘stretch’ my meals. With big eaters like we have in our house it is nice to only use 1 1/2 c. of chicken and have enough to feed our family, and still have leftovers for another day. So, next time you need a quick and easy dinner, pick up a rotisserie chicken (or use the cooked chicken from your freezer) and these enchiladas will come together in a snap! Enjoy 🙂
The filling is so pretty with all of the different colors. I love it!

Sorry there is no finished product photo..they were too good we dug in and I was too impatient to take another pic. Sorry! Just imagine them being gooey, cheesy and yummy looking!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’538′]

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