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This week in our Deals to Meals meal planner I am excited to share a new soup recipe with you. I don’t remember where I found the idea for this soup (probably Pintrest?!), but it was amazing! It’s like a corn chowder, meets a chili, meets bbq chicken wings. The whole combo was so unusual and really fantastic. This soup even got better as the flavors sat and was delicious for several days for lunch. If you are bored of your traditional soup recipes this time of year, give this one a try! You’re going to love it! Login to Deals to Meals to find where you can get all of the ingredients for this recipe on sale.

Not to mention there are some GREAT holiday baking sales this week. If you need to stock up on items like butter, flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc. this is the time to do that! Many places have butter on sale this week for only $1.99 a pound! How great is that?! Stock your freezer and save some BIG money!

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