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Butter Herb Cous Cous

By September 3, 2015No Comments

Yesterday I posted the recipe for Nectarine Chicken Kabobs and I wanted to add today the recipe for the super simple recipe for Buttery Herb Cous Cous. If you are new to cous cous, it is a really fun option to add to any of your favorite dishes. You can serve cous cous in the place of rice. It’s actually a really small pasta, but has more the texture of a light, fluffy rice. The best part about it is it cooks in literally 10 minutes or less. I actually just throw my cous cous in my rice cooker and in less than 15 minutes, it’s ready to go. I buy my cous cous in the bulk section of Sprouts, but you can get it at any grocery store and is fairly in expensive. Cous Cous is the best! 🙂

[buymeapie-recipe id=’149′]

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