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Caramelized Onion Turkey Wrap with Garlic Aioli

By May 28, 2015No Comments

My sister and her husband are away on a really fun trip this week. Our family is notorious for sending group messages of travel logs of anywhere we go. It’s our way of enjoying the trip with them while the rest of us sisters are home with all of their kids. Well, the problem is, 90% of all of the pictures my family sends to each other is about the amazing food they are eating on vacation. I was drooling over a sandwich my sister sent me a picture of while I was eating my peanut butter and jelly lunch today (ugh!). All day I kept dreaming of this sandwich and I can’t wait for her to come back and give me more details of what was in it. In the meantime, I was crock potting a turkey breast today hoping some inspiration would come as to what I would make with it tonight. I was craving a sweet and savory type sandwich and knew it had to have a garlic aioli sauce (really, anything with garlic and mayo I love).

So, the combination was a hit! I caramelized a white and red onion in a little butter until they were fall apart, tender and golden brown (yum–off to a good start). I then added some garlic cloves to the onions and sautéed them until nice and golden. I removed the garlic cloves and pureed that into some mayonnaise with a hint of lemon zest. I then assembled the wrap with the shredded turkey breast, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes, asiago cheese, garlic aioli sauce and the finishing touch…orange marmalade. I know that sounds strange, and you could totally keep it off like my husband did, but if you like sweet with savory, it’s a must! It added a hint of citrus and sweetness to the wrap that took this sandwich to a whole new level. I may not be on an exotic vacation, and I may have 7 kids all week, but this wrap whisked me away for a brief moment to somewhere different–and for that, I was grateful 😉 Hope you love this wrap too!

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