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Spiced Carrot Waffles

By September 12, 2014No Comments

 Today I am excited to share some of my favorite carrot recipes. If you have carrots growing in your garden you are probably enjoying being able to pick them and enjoy their ultra sweet flavor. A store carrot doesn’t hold a candle to how sweet and delicious a garden carrot is. They are so yummy in many recipes I am excited to share with you. The first recipe being these Carrot Waffles with Cinnamon Cream Syrup. We make these all the time when I have a bag of carrots that are just about to go bad, or if I have several from my garden. I shred the carrots in my food processor and bag them in 1 or 2 cup measurements. The frozen carrots work perfectly in these waffles and helps the dough be soft and moist.  Did I mention the cinnamon syrup? Heavenly!!  The combination is a fantastic way to enjoy your carrots for breakfast..or any time of day 😉

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Other favorite carrot recipes:

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