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Coconut Lime Waffles with Butter Lime Syrup

By March 15, 2014No Comments

Seeing that there are only a couple days until St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would come up with a festive green breakfast of some sort. I gave the kids the option of Green Eggs & Ham but that didn’t go over very well. I had a bowl full of limes on my counter and my recipe wheels started turning. I decided to create a lime-coconut infused waffle recipe. With a little green dye it became a recipe that was simple enough for kids but sophisticated flavors for me 😉 This waffle and butter syrup was a fresh, tropical new breakfast idea for your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. At our house it is Lucky Charms the morning of the ‘real’ St. Patty’s Day…thanks to the Leprechauns I get a day off of cooking 🙂

[buymeapie-recipe id=’356′] 

*Here is our family’s annual St. Patrick’s Day dinner and some of our favorite traditions for this fun holiday 😉

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