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Easter “Egg” Decorated Pancakes

By April 5, 2021December 9th, 2021No Comments

Easter morning I woke up to the kiddos asking me what ‘special’ Easter breakfast I was going to make. I wasn’t surprised by this, seeing as Easter morning is always a special time to gather and eat delicious food. I hadn’t put much though into it though, so I searched the web for Easter breakfast ideas.

I saw this idea for decorating pancakes like an Easter egg and I was sold! What a darling idea. The kids all had such a fun time decorating their pancake/egg and coming up with different designs.

Top the pancakes with our delicious butter syrup and some whipped cream, and this breakfast is bound to be a success. Pin this idea for next year, or any spring breakfast idea. Your family of all ages will love it!

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