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As many of you know, I am a huge fan of beans! I am known to hide beans in everything from cookies to banana bread, and nearly every recipe in between. I love the fact they are filled with protein and fiber, and they help fill up my unceasingly hungry kids. My favorite bean of all time would have to be the black bean. It’s so small, cute and has such a mild flavor that hides nicely in many recipes. If you took advantage of all of the case lot sales this past month you probably have a food storage room stocked with beans of all kinds. Well, that is where this salad comes in! We love Mexican dishes around here and I am always on the look out for new and fresh side dishes to eat with them. I love my sister’s recipe for Mexican Rice, but this rice salad is a good competitor. This Fiesta Rice Salad has a simple, yet flavorful dressing, that lends so much flavor I could eat this as a meatless meal for sure! I used half brown and white rice, so this dish was filled with lots of protein to help fill up our hungry hippos. The fresh cilantro and lime flavor brightened up this dish and made it a delicious side or any of your favorite entrees 😉

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