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Grilled Chicken Tacos with Ranchero Sauce

By November 30, 2012No Comments

So, this week I am sharing with you a few of my newest concoctions in my kitchen to help spice up your holiday cooking ideas. They are not traditional dishes for this time of year like soups & breads, but I hope you can find a time where these fun and new recipes will come in handy. This next recipe I am going to share is one I began making in the summer but loved it so much my family will be eating it all year long. The only change you will need to make in the winter, is use frozen corn instead of fresh corn on the cob. I have done this and the flavor and texture is still amazing. The things I loved about this dish is first, these tacos are extremely healthy. All of the vegetables and the color is so fresh tasting and beautiful. My other favorite part of this dish is the creamy ranchero sauce. I had never made a ranchero sauce until this dish and let me tell you…it is heavenly! It is a little bit sweet from the roasted peppers, a little spicy with the jalapeno and a lot creamy from the cream and mayo. I was licking my plate clean. The flavors from this sauce had such a new twist on traditional chicken tacos that it was super fun to eat. My entire family loved these and we will be making these tacos again VERY soon! Enjoy 🙂

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 Avocado, roasted corn, roasted red bell pepper, cilantro & red cabbage. Talk about healthy & yummy!

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