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Lemon Greek Quinoa Salad with Dairy Free Tzatziki

By August 2, 2017No Comments

I often get requests for different dietary specific recipes. I wish I had the time to do complete meal planners based around different dietary needs. However, I’m not an expert on vegan, paleo, vegetarian eating and I would feel completely inadequate to offer such a service. However, my friend Ellen is a genius in the kitchen and has been creating some healthy, vegan and paleo recipes for our readers. Due to health concerns, she has chosen to eat this type of diet and has seen night and day differences. She inspires me to want to eat healthier and I can’t wait to try another wonderful recipe from her kitchen. Not to mention I am a HUGE fan of Tzatziki sauce and the thought of making it from non-dairy items is just plan awesome! Thanks Ellen for another great recipe 😉

[buymeapie-recipe id=’983′]

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