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Who doesn’t like Ham Fried Rice? I think this is one of those recipes that is a favorite of children and adults alike. One of my favorite parts about going out to eat at a Chinese restaurant is the ham fried rice. I love the saltiness of the soy sauce along with the sweetness of the ham and peas. The entire combination is a bit of perfection to my taste buds. If you have never tried to make ham fried rice at home, it can be tricky to get the texture just right. I think I have figured it out and hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Use leftover rice from a previous dinner and this side dish can come together in minutes. I know this dish is generally served along side a main dish of some kind, but on a busy night, I think this recipe could pass as an entire meal–you have your starch, vegetables and meat all in one. Bonus!! (Plus..isn’t it so pretty? I love all of the colors in this recipe 😉

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