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Roast Beef Pesto Paninis

By February 5, 2013October 31st, 2022No Comments

I am always on the prowl for a new way to use beef roasts. I love the convenience of throwing a beef roast into the crock pot in the morning and having it be ready to use in time for dinner. This morning I put in a roast and wanted to come up with something a little different than my normal beef dishes (beef stew, shredded beef enchiladas, gyros, etc.). I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare dinner tonight, so the thought of sandwiches seemed perfect! These came together in only a few minutes and the flavorful combinations were amazing! The roasted red pepper and red onion totally made these sandwiches! They were a little sweet, soft and added great flavor. The pesto mayo gave the sandwiches a lot of depth and added flavor. My 11 year old son gave them the ultimate compliment! He said, “these sandwiches should be sold at The Cheesecake Factory they are SO good!” All of my children ate these sandwiches up and it made for a somewhat-gourmet dinner that only took a few minutes (shhh, don’t tell 🙂

If you have Thrive Life Shredded Beef in your food storage, this is another simple and easy food storage meal. Simply hydrate the shredded beef in water until tender and then use in these sandwiches. 


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