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Smothered Mashed Potatoes

By August 24, 2010No Comments

One of my all-time favorite restaurants is Texas Road House. They have two side dishes that I equally LOVE! Smothered Sweet Potatoes and Smothered Mashed Potatoes. I am a mashed potato fanatic and would eat them as a side dish to nearly every meal…if, they didn’t take so long to make. I can’t stomach the instant mashed potatoes, so if I am to eat mashed potatoes, they have to be the ‘real’ thing. These Smothered Mashed Potatoes are not for every night of the week, but if you have a good steak or BBQ ribs, or something that you need an extra special side for, this is the PERFECT solution! I have even heard of people eating these smothered mashed potatoes as a meal if you want a new dinner idea. I could see the kids loving to pick and choose which toppings they could add to their potatoes. Kind of like a gourmet version of a potato bar. YUM!!!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’789′] 

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