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The other day I was plum out of ideas as to what to make for dinner. I had only a few bell peppers in my fridge, an onion and some corn tortillas. I didn’t have time to thaw some chicken, so I turned to a roll of Jimmy Dean Sausage I had in the freezer that I could easily thaw and use for dinner. I decided to spice this pork up a little and serve on a cheesy tortilla and the combination was amazing! If you are tired of regular tacos, give these Chipotle Pork Street Tacos a try. You’re going to love them!


Don’t forget to check out Deals to Meals this week for all of our delicious recipes, as well as the great grocery deals on sale. In fact, this week cheese, bell peppers, onions, sour cream, avocados and sausage are all on sale this week. It’s a great time to make this recipe for well under $10 for a family of 6. 

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