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Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Pecan Crumble

By November 3, 2014No Comments
I know, I’m jumping the gun a little on a Thanksgiving recipe already, but I couldn’t help it..this recipe is that good! Just bookmark this post for your Thanksgiving meal planning session and you’ll be set. Problem is, I think I’m addicted to sweet potatoes. I could eat them all day long! Not only do I love them around Thanksgiving, but I love them in pancakes, in cupcakes, in rolls, loaded with caramel on top, and pretty much I could just eat them by the spoonful. My friend gave me a new recipe for a sweet potato casserole that is my new favorite. It has the most amazing coconut, pecan crumble on top I had to share it with you…yes, on November 3rd 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I still love marshmallows on top of my sweet potatoes but I think this crumble has that beat. The crunch from the nuts and the coconut make for a buttery, sweet topping that goes perfectly with the sweet yams. I know it might be slightly premature, but I promise you will want to make these every week before Thanksiginvg gets here 😉
[buymeapie-recipe id=’250′] 

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