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Tropical Mango Waffles

By July 11, 2013No Comments


I still can’t believe I was nearly 20 by the time I had my first mango. I don’t know where my mom was on the mango bandwagon, but for some reason it was not a fruit our family ate growing up. That is, until my sister served an LDS mission to the Dominican Republic. She came home raving about how she lived on mangoes and avocados and finally introduced me to this succulent fruit. There are really few fruits I love more than a mango. If you get one that is perfectly ripe, soft but not mushy, and sweet as candy, there are few fruits better. The great thing about mangoes is they are so versatile. You can serve them in a savory dish, for dessert, for breakfast or as an appetizer. No matter how you prepare them, they are a delicious fruit to serve in the summer when they are on sale and in season.
Our Deal of the Day this week is mangos. Nearly every state this week has mangoes on sale for less than a $1.00 each. Some places even have these delicious fruit for only .33 each. Here in Utah all 5 Associated Food Stores have mangoes on sale for .68 each, Rancho Market for .33 each and Reams for .59 each. For those outside of Utah, login to our website to find the best deals on mangoes in your area.
The great thing about buying produce on sale is you can stock up and learn to use these sale items in your weekly meal plan. This week on our meal planner we have a delicious Chicken & Mango Sesame Salad. It is amazingly fresh and a perfect summer dinner on a hot night. You can also cut these mangoes up into long strips or cubes and freeze to throw in smoothies or in a cobbler later. You could also use Mangoes in some of our favorite recipes:

These waffles are a really fun way to incorporate fresh fruit into your breakfast menu. The Mango Butter Syrup is unreal good and top these spongy waffles with more fresh fruit and you will be swept away into tropical breakfast paradise 😉

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