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The other night we had one of those nights when it is either eat a Little Ceasar’s pizza for the second time during the week (yes, we frequent there nearly every Friday night for our children’s date-night dinner :)–or, come up with a dinner that could be made in just a couple minutes. I decided to throw together some easy chicken panini’s and give them a southwestern flair. Not only were these panini’s delicious, but they were so easy to make, I just had to share. If you are one who struggles with dinner prep, please use our tip of having grilled and cooked chicken in your freezer at all times. I promise, this one and only tip will save your dinner-time stress and make cooking fun again. I hate thawing out meat when I am in a hurry to make dinner. Having pre-grilled chicken breasts in the freezer I can quickly pull out and throw in the microwave to use for meals, makes life so much more simple. Chicken is on sale in nearly every state this week, so while the weather is nice, head out to your grill and grill up some chicken for those busy nights. You’ll be so glad you did because then you can put together these sandwiches in just a couple minutes.

[buymeapie-recipe id=’37’]

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