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As the winter continues I find the dinner’s that sound the best to me are the warm, creamy, soups that make you feel like you want to curl up by a fire and do nothing. The other night my son said, “Mom, can we PLEASE not have soup for dinner this week” I then realized that we had soup nearly every night the previous week and so I vowed I would try to get out of my winter-soup-rut and try a few different recipes. I had leftover shredded pork in my freezer and decided to spruce up an old favorite sandwich and make these Cuban Sandwiches something extra special. A traditional cuban has pork, ham, pickles and mustard. I love mustard, but I wanted to go with a sauce that had a creamy flare so we used the mayo from the Spicy Gyros and it was perfect! The different flavors all together made for a flavorful, filling sandwich for any day of the week…and any time of the year 😉


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