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Orange Sesame Chicken Stirfry

By July 12, 2015No Comments

Ahh, isn’t that pretty? It still amazes me that kids don’t like vegetables, they are really the prettiest food around town don’t you think? Well, this is a dish that even your picky-nonvegetable-eating kids will love! This sticky, slightly spicy, sweet, orange sauce is better than anything you can get at a Chinese restaurant. The best part about it for mom, is it is not only healthy but easy to make. I served this stir fry over brown rice last night and it was a huge hit!! I was able to use the zucchini and peas from my garden and it tasted so fresh and yummy I am excited to share this recipe with you. The best part about this sauce is it comes together in just a few seconds. It’s nothing fancy, just dump a few ingredients together and you have one of the best sticky orange sauces you can find. Homemade is much better than store bought and it only takes a few minutes. Hope you love this recipe like we did!


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